As winter looms closer and the colder months present several potential risks to your rental property, it’s time to think about how you can protect it effectively.

Taking some precautions for your property now could help to ensure that this year’s winter is trouble-free for you and your tenants.

That’s why, here at Island Lettings, we’ve come up with five things to consider before winter freezes over…

Check the pipework

It’s important that you check all external pipes for any leaks, breaks or blockages. Blocked or leaking pipes can freeze up during winter and potentially expand and burst – causing water damage to the property.

Because of this, you or your letting agent must regularly check pipes for breakages and fix them sooner rather than later. You also want to ensure all pipes are in good order and that they are secured to the walls.

Bleed the radiators

It could be problematic if the radiators stop working in the middle of winter, so it’s crucial that you regularly bleed them. Doing so releases any trapped air allowing heat to travel along the whole of the radiator and providing maximum heat to the property.

You also want to advise tenants to keep the heating on low if they are travelling during the winter period – this will ensure the pipes won’t freeze.

Inform your tenants

Well-informed tenants can help to protect you against any winter property damage. As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to educate them and provide them with all the information they need about winter property maintenance.

Consider putting together an information pack, including guidance on stopcocks, basic boiler operation, and any useful contacts should an emergency arise.

Anticipate void periods

Void periods are a major threat during the cold months, so you will need to make extra plans to ensure your property’s upkeep if you know it is going to be empty for any period of time over the winter months. Make sure that you visit regularly to open windows and check on the heating. If you’re unable to do this yourself, make sure that you arrange for someone else to do this in your place.

Beware of thefts

During the festive period, the chances of your rental property being vacant are higher as tenants may be visiting family and friends over Christmas. Because of this, you want to ensure that some precautions are taken.

Consider investing in theft deterrents such as alarms (visible from the outside of the property) and motion sensors. Tenants will appreciate you putting in the effort when it comes to the protection of their home and will feel more secure.

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