Here at Island Lettings, what we do is pretty simple – managing hundreds of properties across the Isle of Wight, delivering a professional and personal customer service through our dedicated and experienced property team – but we make sure we do it well.

On an Island with a population of just over 141,000 people, you’d be found out pretty quickly if you weren’t offering a good enough service. Luckily, we have the experience and personnel to ensure that isn’t the case.

A little bit of history

Island Lettings, an independently owned lettings agency, was created when three of the Isle of Wight’s largest letting agents joined forces in April 2010. This merger led to some of the Island’s most experienced lettings professionals coming together under one roof, boasting more than 25 years’ experience of letting homes between them.

Three years ago we made the bold decision to move off the high street and onto a business park. This was to ensure that, unlike some of our competitors, we could conduct all our operations under one roof. This also enables all aspects of the property management process – from maintenance and tenancy renewal to negotiation and landlord and tenant accounts – to be contained in one place, making the whole process more coherent, joined-up and streamlined.

The move to The Observatory at Westridge Business Park, not far from the seaside town of Ryde, has offered the added bonus of nice facilities, client parking and private meeting rooms.

Combining technology and tradition

As a landlord, you’ll want to be reassured that your property (or portfolio of properties) is being professionally and comprehensively managed, as well as complying with all the latest rules, regulations and legislation. Our highly trained and dedicated team can offer exactly that, overseeing all parts of the property management process in a calm, efficient manner and giving you peace of mind that your investment is in the best possible hands.

Our Property Management page describes in greater detail the exact nature of our services, our fees and the redress scheme we are part of.

We appreciate that your property is an important and valuable asset. As such, it needs to be protected in the right way, and we make sure that all our clients are made top priority.

To ensure this is the case we employ the latest technology, such as the ability to sign documents electronically and collect rental payments swiftly in a number of ways, which in turn offers our clients an excellent customer experience. We also communicate regularly via email, text or phone to keep our clients in the loop and up to date with all elements of the property management process.

Of course, we’re also fully aware that most tenants now start their property search online, which is why we guarantee great exposure on Rightmove – the UK’s number one property website, reaching a national and international audience – and our own website. Advertising your homes in the right way is a key part of the process and something we’re determined to help you get right.

Residing, as we do, in modern, purpose-built offices means we can also provide a comfortable environment for our clients. There is also the added advantage of private meeting rooms (to discuss any matters of a sensitive nature), ample off road client parking and a convenient location – easily reached by road and close to Smallbrook Junction rail station.

For tenants, meanwhile, we have a number of documents – from guides outlining the procedures and requirements of a typical tenancy to tenant and guarantor application forms – as well as useful information on deposit protection, council tax and Legionella Disease.

A thriving rental market

With an average property rent of around £750pcm, Isle of Wight is appealing to those tenants who prize affordability – but landlords can also achieve good rental yields because of the lower initial costs of purchasing a rental home.

In Ryde, for example, the overall average price (according to Rightmove) currently stands at just over £215,000, which means landlords can buy properties on the relative cheap and still command decent rents from tenants. Average prices in Ryde have also risen by almost 10% since 2015, which is good news for those landlords with one eye on capital gains and also highlights an area that is in-demand.

Two-bedroom flats and houses tend to be the most popular rental homes on offer across the Isle of Wight, but one bed and three-bed abodes are also commonplace.

Tenant demand is generally strong, with demand currently outstripping supply. This helps to keep rents on a steady upward curve.

For more information about what we do, and what we can do for you, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01983 521112.

We also provide free and instant online valuations to give you an idea of how much your property is worth and what rents you could charging.